Peace of Mind in Roseville, CA

"You guys have been fantastic to work with as a vendor. You make the process really easy.”

Roseville, California has been a partner with Selectron since 2008. As their needs have evolved, so too has our approach to supporting their agency. What started as a utility IVR for payments evolved to include an outbound messaging solution to decrease delinquency and increase their revenue stream.

In 2022, their plans for creating dynamic customer service platforms continue to grow. However, there was one major hurdle standing in their way.

The Opportunity

To Andrea Blomquist, Roseville’s Billing Services Manager, the goal was clear. “We want to add more services and options in the future, and that is harder to do with an on-prem solution.”  Selectron understood the City’s interest in offering more dynamic customer communication, so we advised moving their IVR and Outbound solution to the cloud.

Like many government agencies, the City of Roseville kept all of its IT hosting in-house. However, they understood that staying current with the latest communication technology options would require a lot of server and IT infrastructure updates. Andrea noted, “We have really old servers and it was time to make a change.” Supporting a network with outdated servers is a liability, as it becomes difficult to keep legacy software current with the necessary layers of security.

Senior Utility Billing Analyst Eric Rivera noted that the outdated hardware was also a concern for continuity of service. “Moving to the cloud is to have better redundancy. We wouldn’t have to worry about a physical server and only having one backup.”

On multiple fronts, Roseville was primed for a move from on-premise to Managed Services.

The Results

By moving their solution to the cloud, Selectron was able to solve their issues with outdated IT infrastructure and provide high-level PCI DSS compliance to prevent security breaches. Andrea cheerfully noted, “Data security is always at the forefront of our mind. I love that managing data security is now your problem, not my problem!”

By working with Selectron, the City is positioned to expand their offerings and services to their customers. Moving to the cloud-enabled the City to:

  • Protect citizens’ personal data and information
  • Redistribute operations staff time toward new projects
  • Transition from outdated servers to modern cloud-based solution
  • Increase system redundancy and resource availability
  • Reduce IT & PCI DSS compliance footprint
  • Plan effectively for next-gen communication options for customers

The City of Roseville knows that a growth mindset is key to creating customer-serving outcomes. “The move to hosted gives us the ability to be nimble, to respond to new options and available services. Or to create new customer experiences and avenues. It’s an exciting feature for us.” They have an ample wish list of ways they can create better outcomes for customers and a smoother work experience for their Customer Service Reps. By transitioning their solution to the cloud, the City is poised and ready to take full advantage of Selectron’s suite of customer communication options.



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