Product Highlight: Advanced Language Module

As part of our mission to provide Trusted Solutions and Real Value, we help our customers communicate more effectively with their residents. This focus has inspired us to develop the Advanced Language Module (ALM) for the Relay and SelecTXT platforms. ALM enables your company to transform its Relay IVR or SelecTXT systems into a powerful and effective communication tool. By incorporating ALM, your organization will provide more self-service options to residents while demonstrating its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

This easy-to-use module utilizes cognitive text-to-speech and translation technology to provide your agency with over 40 languages to choose from. Your organization can improve its IVR or SelecTXT systems to meet the language diversity needs of your community. In the interest of effective communication, ALM employs a user-friendly, human-like voice that emulates the cultural cadences and intonations of native speakers.

Until now, integrating additional languages into an IVR system has been a costly and time-consuming process. Selectron had previously outsourced voice recording and translation services, which added time and cost to a project. However, ALM has simplified this process while reducing the cost of adding new languages. ALM will assist your agency in incorporating additional languages more quickly and affordably and making other necessary changes to meet your community’s ever-changing needs.

The value we provide to our customers at Selectron directly impacts the lives of individuals throughout the country. We are pleased to introduce this new module, which enables your organization to communicate with all residents in the language of their choice.

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