Six Reasons Agencies Trust Selectron’s Managed Services Solutions​

Cloud computing and hosted software have grown in recent years as organizations of all types become more efficient by moving their IT infrastructure off premise. This can be especially true in the government space, where budgets are often tight and organizations are forced to accomplish more with less. Selectron’s Managed Services Hosting Environment offers a secure alternative to maintaining key software on-site, allowing agencies to boost system security, receive proactive technical support and maintenance, and reallocate resources toward serving citizens directly.

Selectron’s Managed Services solutions feature around-the-clock active monitoring, allowing staff to immediately detect and begin resolving issues before they impact customers or end users. Support efforts can be roadblocked for premise-based software, as technicians need to coordinate with agency staff to gain access and begin troubleshooting. Additionally, technicians specifically versed in the agency’s environment may not be readily available, whereas technicians with expertise on the hosed environment are always available. We perform regular proactive maintenance on all of our hosted applications, which helps reduce the likelihood of issues with your system, and reduce their impact when they do occur.

Selectron’s hosting facilities are rigorously secure, with full-time monitoring and keyed entry to prevent unauthorized access. They’re also secure virtually, with regular vulnerability scans and third-party penetration testing to protect data and ensure compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. Caring for citizens’ personal data is a crucial responsibility, and Selectron’s hosting services offer agencies a partner with the expertise to do it well.

Managed Services is housed in two geographically distinct datacenters, one in Portland, OR, and the other in Alpharetta, GA. The geographical diversification helps ensure continuity in the event of localized outages, natural disasters or other regional issues. They also feature backup components (servers, switches, ports, firewalls) and utilize redundant or blended telephony and internet service providers. This minimizes the possibility that failure of any individual piece of the solution would compromise the functionality of the whole, resulting in solutions you and your customers can trust.

Agencies often hesitate at the initial cost of hosted software, but moving off-premise gives your agency room to grow while saving on technical infrastructure. Deploying new technology on premise often means heavy spending on new servers, physical space, increased connectivity, and more. Hosting allows your agency to outsource these costs to a vendor like Selectron, making it easier to expand functionality or add new solutions as they become available. 

With Managed Services solutions, Selectron manages all the logistics of maintaining your software. This allows the agency to stay focused on its core mission of serving citizens and the community. Technology can focus on the day-to-day business of the agency, and leave specialized knowledge to Selectron.

Experience You Can Trust
Selectron has deployed over 500 secure hosted solutions for government agencies of all types and sizes. Off-loading IT management tasks to Selectron has helped these agencies serve their communities by bringing helpful, cost-effective software solutions to their constituents. Cloud computing offers many organizational benefits, but can make compliance and security difficult to navigate. With Selectron, you have a partner you can trust to help you get it right.

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