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Deploying Solutions in a Hosted Environment

Have you been looking for ways to reduce your IT footprint without reducing services to your citizens? Are you concerned with PCI compliance and mitigating security risks?

For public sector agencies navigating these questions, the decision to deploy interactive solutions on-premise or in a cloud environment can be intimidating. Working with limited budgets, mounting pressure for improved data security, as well as increasing demand for an improved customer experience, public sector agencies have much to consider when evaluating how to deploy solutions. In response to these pressures, many agencies have shifted from on-premise solutions to cloud-based services. Utilizing a cloud solution can provide several benefits, including:

  • Full compliance with industry security standards
  • 24×7 system support and monitoring
  • Flexible and scalable environment
  • Multiple levels of redundancy and failover

As Selectron evaluated bringing our solutions to the cloud over the last several years, one of our key questions was how to ensure we continue providing our customers with the same Trusted Solutions and Real Value they have come to expect. Using our extensive knowledge of the Public Sector and the challenges our customers face, as well as our experience deploying interactive systems, we established a dedicated Hosted Solutions team.

This team has been responsible for building and maintaining our cloud/hosted environment, as well as working to ensure we provide the same level of products, services, and support our customers expect. Building a cloud/hosted environment from the ground up allowed our team to develop the infrastructure to be fully PCI compliant. 

Aside from ensuring secure transactions, many of our existing and new customers who have moved to our cloud-based solution have been able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Offloading resource-consuming IT management processes
  • Reducing hardware and software costs
  • Re-purposing resources to focus on providing better service to citizens
  • Automated updates and maintenance schedules
  • Secure, PCI-compliant payment processing
  • Solution administration via the Relay Portal

If you would like more information about our hosted solutions, contact your Account Executive or call us at 866.878.0048.

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Galt, CA

Customer Since





No secure method for accepting phone payments

Growing demand for 24×7 information access and payments

Manually contacting all delinquent accounts

Solutions Provided

Hosted Relay Utility Pack

Relay Outbound


Processed over $500k IVR payments in first 6 months

PCI Compliant payment processing

Automated delinquent account calls and reduced turn offs

“Having customers pay their bill through the IVR helps protect us and our employees while maintaining PCI compliance.”

Michelle Neeley
Accounting Manager

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